IM.CITY Institute*

high-level professionals from various domains participate to define and research the most relevant topics for the social interactions in the tomorrow cities.

Legal Research

The legal research is a core component of the IM.CITY initiative. The entire project is developed in such a way so the ecosystem is both a tool for research and a result of the research activity.

Some of the core topics for our research efforts:

- The Rewarding Systems as adjuvant framework for the legal system

- Decentralized algorithms for social contracts, the future of the legislative process and law enforcement

- Fixing the privacy with contextual identities

  • Daniel Mihail Sandru, PhD

    Professor / Coordinator

    Center for European Legal Studies

    As the Coordinator of the Center for European Legal Studies, Institute for Legal Research “Andrei Radulescu”, The Romanian Academy and the President of the Legal Sciences Society and as a teacher for the European Union law and the International Trade Law, he is coordinating the legal research activities at the highest academic level.

    In what concerns his professional activities, he is an arbitrator at the Court of International Commercial Arbitration.

  • Andrei Savescu, PhD

    Professor / Attorney / Managing Partner

    Savescu & Associates

    As a Cyberlaw Professor in various Law Universities, Andrei is a top level theoretician of the Internet Law, Personal Data Protection Law and Labor Law as Associate researcher at the Institute of Legal Research of the Romanian Academy. Doctor of Law, he is the President of the Society of Legal Sciences and Founding member of the Association for Technology and Internet. Andrei is also a high level practitioner as the Managing Partner of Savescu & Associates Law Firm and Arbitrator at The Court of International Commercial Arbitration attached to the CCIR as well as the coordinator and speaker of a large number of legal conferences, debates, and workshops.

  • Raul-Felix Hodos, PhD

    Professor / Attorney / Managing Partner

    Hodos Deac & Associates

    As a Doctor of Law researching the "electronic payments" and the impact of the new technologies to the commercial law and the financial law, Raul is an appreciated Professor and an experienced practitioner.

    As the President of the Research Society for Public and Private Affairs and the Coordinator of the Center for Applied Research in Law and Business, he published numerous scientific articles and specialty books.

Business Community

The participation of the business community in the city life and its support for profound transformations are the very foundation for the new urban framework.

  • Dragos Stanca

    President / Founder / Partner

    BRAT / UPGRADE 100 / ThinkDigital

    Dragoș is the founder of the publishing, b2b networking and digital transformation events platform, UPGRADE 100. He is a majority shareholder of Thinkdigital (a marcom agency and online advertising network covering Eastern and Southern Europe) and partner in several other ventures: Project Agora (programmatic advertising), Tailwind (ad tech & mar tech), Oveit | Streams.Live (ticketing, payments, live shopping), Douleutaras (services marketplace). He’s also a business advisor, mentoring and investing in several tech startups. In 2018, he was elected President of BRAT (the Romanian Bureau for Transmedia Audit) by the representatives of the largest media companies, advertising clients and agencies.

Urbanism Research

The urbanism research is the foundation for any initiative aiming to innovate and improve our urban lifestyle.

  • Cosmina Andreea Manea

    PhD Researcher / Geography Teacher / Urbanist&Economist

    Urbring Project

    As a researcher of urban environments and a geography teacher, Cosmina has direct fieldwork experience in European urbanism and architecture. She has a doubble degree in both Geography and Economy, with a master degree in Intelligent Territorial Development.
    For her PhD research, she focuses on urban-rural interfaces dynamic and governance. Also, she has experience in urban planning consultancy as part of European funded projects and created the urban co-creation decision making project Urbring. Her passion for geography and territorial planning began since high-school, when she participated at two editions of the International Geography Olympiad, winning the gold medal on each of them.

Legal Advisors

The legal aspects are especially important when a new framwework is to be created and a healthy ecosystem to be developed.

  • Laurentiu Petre

    Attorney / Managing Partner


    Laurentiu is a Bucharest Bar attorney, with 10 years of experience. Providing consultancy and representation for multinational companies, he successfully negotiated and enhanced the execution of individual and collective labor contracts, drafted dismissal decisions, gave knowhow in executing disciplinary researches, individual and collective negotiations and staff related decisions. He also represented multinational companies or employees in front of the courts of law with an impressive rate of success.

  • Florin Rosu

    Attorney / Managing Partner


    Being an attorney within the Bucharest Bar since 2009, Florin is specialised in labor law, corporate law, and litigation. For three years he has coordinated the legal department in a 900 employees' company. In labor law he successfully represented a series of companies both in litigations and in negotiations with the employees and unions, having an impressive rate of success. Also, Florin assisted and represented the employees as well in different negotiations and litigations, with a very high rate of success.


Everything is changing around.  Technology and community are the main keywords in this process of profound transformation.

Clement Nicolaescu, CEO at New Stage Technology

Project Initiator

The initiator of this project is Clement Nicolaescu, a serial entrepreneur in various technology areas like ecommerce development, smart home technologies, virtual worlds, digital communications and interactions.

Over the past 10+ years, as the managing director and co-founder of, he coordinated live video production projects in multiple European cities like Bucharest, Amsterdam, Zurich, Paris, Vienna, Geneva, Budapest, and Prague.

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*The IM.CITY Institute is the non-governmental organization (NGO) supporting the not for profit activities within the IM.CITY initiative. The formal registration of IM.CITY Institute as NGO is ongoing at this moment.